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What is Dato ( GraphLab )?

Dato is the new name of GraphLab, January 8, 2015, they announced it closed an $18.5 million Series B funding round, and change name from GraphLab to Dato.

They change name because:

“The new name [Dato] is meant to show that the company’s software can handle all sorts of machine learning tasks—not just graph analysis.”

Source: Dato Joins New Wave of Machine Learning Startups | WIRED

What is Dato ( GraphLab )

At first GraphLab mainly was designed to operate on a graph data structure much similar to Google’s system Pregel. But now GraphLab can handle other datas and problems.

How to install GraphLab Create on Mac OS X

GraphLab Create need Mac OS X 10.8+, and Python 2.7.x, and pip, and because demos in their document need iPython and iPython notebook, you may want install these first.

install iPython:

install iPython notebook:

install GraphLab Create:

And when I use some demos, I found these kind error informations:

You can fix it by, add blow to end of ~/.bash_profile file:

and reload ~/.bash_profile file:

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