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Even if you don’t believe forever, you need keep going forward, even you don’t have the future, you shouldn’t give up present

If you have never any fear, how can you talk about brave. If anything is as you wish, how can you talk about facing life.

From the perspective of probability, most people cannot find forever love, isn’t it means that we have to give up to pursue? I believe everybody has his answer.

The world is very imperfect, there are plenty of problems, we all are imperfect, we all have problems. But, so what?

If you depend on that you can easily solve every problem, you are more vulnerable.

The imperfectness of the world, just like a light house far away, and very bright, it gives you a direction, so you know you can never reach it, but you can keep going forward. Just like our imperfectness.

Start from accepting ourself and accepting present.

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