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How to capture web page to image on Linux server

Yesterday, I was trying to add a new function to my bbs, I needed something help me capture web page to image on my Linux server. So I did some research, found out that CutyCapt can be used to solve this problem.

Install steps:

but I didn’t know why, it can’t be compiled, we need to modify CutyCapt.hpp, add the lines below to the top of the file.x

Now, everything is fine.

The oc.png will be your result file, but I found that, everything is ok, when you capture English sites. If you want to capture Chinese or Japanese, you will found the chinese or Japanese words will be show as some kind of little boxes. This is because your linux don’t contain TTF Chinese fonts.

I use Google noto-cjk, you can install it:

Now Chinese and Japanese sites are very clear and beautiful.

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