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Can we use Swift as a backend language?

First question is why someone need use Swift as a backend language? I think:

  1. People always seek to use one language solves all kinds of problem. If Swift can use as a backend language, iOS developers can easily change their identities to Full Stack developer. They can use one language to make a whole product iOS client and server.

  2. Beside UI-related classes, Cocoa-touch have a lot of other things. iOS developers can reuse a lot of Cocoa-touch frameworks and a lot of third party frameworks, and a lot of source bases from their iOS codes.

  3. Swift use ARC (Automatic Reference Counting) manage memory, fast, efficient, easy to use. ARC is more convenient than manually manage memory (C/C++), and more efficient and fast than GC (Java/C#).

  4. The typing system of Swift can make server side codes safer.

Finally can we use Swift as a backend language? It depends:

  1. To be a good backend language, Swift needs Apple or third party provide a lot of frameworks for backend usage.

  2. Swift may need some language support to handle concurrent connections.

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