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Before you install Tensorflow on your Mac or your AWS, you must know !!

Recently I started playing Tensorflow on my mac, it very fun. But I found there are some traps about Tensorflow on Mac and AWS, so tell you know.

  1. Tensorflow is very slow.
  2. Now Tensorflow doesn’t support CUDA on Mac officially, but you can easy find a way to compile it to support CUDA. But almost all new Mac don’t contain a NVIDIA display card, so you still can’t use CUDA. OpenCL support is on the way, open to contributions, but how knows.
  3. The HPC of AWS ( g2.2xlarge
    and g2.8xlarge ) contain NVIDIA display card, but the card is blow the requirement of default CUDA setting of Tensorflow, so you can’t user precompiled Tensorflow, you need compile it by yourself, and set compute capability is 3.0. And there is a AMI (Amazon Linux x64 AMI with TensorFlow (GPU)), already include Tensorflow on AWA’ AMI market, but this AMI is using precompiled Tensorflow, so it is useless, you can’t use the GPU. And even after your compile and install you own Tensorflow, there is a bug of NVIDIA display driver card, you must update NVIDIA display card driver, and finally you can use GPU from the HPC.

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  1. Hi, thanks for your notes! I, like others, have struggled in installing and making TensorFlow work. It took a lot of time and there were a multitude of errors. I created an AMI that is actively maintained and open-source. I hope the community can maintain one AMI where everyone can use in any region on any GPU instance. I mean, even the deep learning AMI supported by Amazon does not have TensorFlow working out of the box. I tested it on all g2 and p2 instances and you can start working on TensorFlow in less than 5 minutes by using this AMI. There’s absolutely 0 configuration needed.

    TFAMI: A TensorFlow Amazon Web Service (AWS) AMI that is open, free and works.