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The idea of Reportex is very similar to my idea of something about best audio/video editor. When you select a paragraph of words, it will automatedly select the corresponding audio clips.

Reportex beta editting

But right now it is just a demo.

[TIL] 3d scanner hardware, software, app and course


DIY 3D Scanner by Alex

In this video, Alex used stepper motors, threaded rod, IR sensor, home made 3D print components to build a DIY 3D Scanner hardware. There are three kinds of sensors can be to measure the distance, IR sensors, Ultrasonic sensors and Laser sensors.


FabScan is an open source 3D laser Scanner hardware, you will get all the information you need to build one from here. FabScan uses a laser sensor to get the distance information for 3d reconstruction and use a camera to get the texture of the object.

There is a video show you how to Assembly it:

There is a video show you how to use it:



VisualSFM is a 3d scanner software, made by Changchang Wu, support Windows/Linux/Mac. You can put all the photos shotted by different angles, VisualSFM uses SIFT (Scale-invariant feature transform) method to get the feature points of photos, connect the same feature point on different photos, to get the relation of photos, to get the 3D model.

VisualSFM on MacOS

If you are interesting VisualSFM, there is a great video will show you how to use it on youtube.

See also:


use PhotoScan scan photo files:


You need to use a camera or your phone to take a lot of photos of the object from all the different angles. This is very painful. I developed a trick method use my iPhone. First, I shot a short video shot every angle of the object use my iPhone, send to my Mac, use FFMPEG to convert this video to photos.

The number 6 is to extract how many frames from 1s video.

I did a lot of 3D scans, use this method.



Microsoft’s MobileFusion app is the best app make 3D scans, but it never comes to market.


If you want to write your own codes to make 3d scanning, you may want to learn this course, Photogrammetry by Cyrill Stachniss.

Cyrill Stachniss is a full professor for photogrammetry at the University of Bonn and recently became the deputy managing director of the Institute of Geodesy and Geoinformation.


And finally, you always can go to Reddit find anything, of course, include 3D Scanning.