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Freelancing websites and how to start to do freelancing jobs


How to start:

  • Most of those websites have international groups bidding on them at a fraction of the cost. And unless your skills are highly specialized you will have a tough time competing. Maybe you can choose the local business to start.
  • Finding a good, well-paid job on freelancing sites can be difficult, you just need to be patient. If your clients like your work, they will often reach out to you again with additional work.
  • You’ll have to do a few projects on the cheap initially, do the best job you can to make sure you get 5-star feedback. After a few months, people will start coming to you.
  • Reading the brief carefully, asking meaningful questions and responding with some context & ideas will really make you stand out.
  • Some clients like long meetings and meaningless phone calls, so you need to bill for the time of meetings and calls. 
  • Having a well thought out and prepared portfolio is key to landing great clients.
  • One of the most important things to know about freelancing is that not every client is a good client, some of them are not worth to contact.
  • Take a look at reviews of clients,  don’t just accept your first offer, don’t take clients that are brand new to the site. 

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