Using Deeplearning to remove mosaic?

There is a new Deeplearning code to decensor image, it also can remove mosaic from an image, the name is DeepCreamPy. I just tried this code today.

First I install the code and model, then prepare the input image, two people are studying. (Boy’s head is covered by mosaic.)

Using GIMP draw a green rectangle on the mosaic area save as another file.

Then run the code, get result.

I think the result is not too bad but is not good enough either. If we want using some technology to remove mosaic from the video, we may combine multiple frames’ information to reconstruct the information we need, if we only want to remove mosaic from one image, the code may need to have some domain information or using some imagination.

Start to use FreeStyle Libre Flash Glucose Monitoring System

I’m a type II diabetes patient, I found to control my blood glucose level is very difficult. Because I can’t know my blood glucose level at any time. You know using blood glucose meter too often is very painful.

So now I start to use FreeStyle Libre Flash Glucose Monitoring System, it only needs one install to last 14 days, and it can keep getting the blood glucose data from you body.

This is Chinese version:

FreeStyle Libre Flash Glucose Monitoring System Sensor Kit

Back of case of Sensor Kit

FreeStyle Libre Reader

How to use?

First, install.

Get sensor installer from case. Use installer  to install sensor.

user reader to active sensor.

Then use.

After one hour activation, you can use the reader to read data from the sensor at any time. But remember as least read data in 6 hours interval, because sensor only can remember data in 6 hours.

Finally remove it after it expired.

After 14 days use, the reader will remind you the sensor is expired, You need remove it. It is very easy just to pull it off your body, it won’t cause any pain.