My first impression of HealthKit

TMI alert!!! Because I am a type II diabetes patient,  I really care about the thing so call health, because I already lost a lot of it.

And for your information, I just watched the video about HealthKit of WWDC, I haven’t write any code about HealthKit yet.

Why Apple developed HealthKit?

Everyone have some theory about this,  and I think I really need HealthKit.

I have Nike FuelBand, and I have two, and lost them both. Then I use Nike+ Move on my iPhone 5s, I use them tracking my walk, and lost 20 kg with help of them. I track my blood glucose sometime 3 times one day. I track my blood pressure every morning. And I bought a wifi  body scale just after first product of this kind appeared. And I have a GYM membership. All these things cost me a lot of money, but I just love them. Because they all help me live health. And they all can connect to HealthKit.

My impression

1.  iPad don’t have HealthKit.

This is a shock. When I watched the video, some girl from Apple write some code demo how to use HealthKit. And She said, “We must check HealthKit existed, before we use it, because some device don’t have HealthKit, like iPad.”

In fact I was laying myself in bed watch the video, I immediately stood up find my iPad and check. My iPad have iOS 8 beta 2, and really don’t have the Health App!!!!!!!!!!!

I can’t understand why, and I talked this with my two friends, they are both very good iOS programmers, and they can’t understand it either.

2. You can’t use HealthKit share your health data with your family and your doctor directly.

All your health data from health related apps, from some device connect to your iPhone, will save in your iPhone, maybe have iCloud backup, But can’t directly share to your family and your doctor use HealthKit. But I think you can make app to do it.

3. HealthKit support 3 kinds of apps.

HealthKit support 3 kinds of apps:

  • Statistical analysis apps (Graphs, and trends)
  • Apps to enter related information
  • App from Health providers

Apps can creating data, saving data and asking data.

4. Apple provide unit convert function.

Health data in different country use different unit, like in China and a lot of other countries, blood glucose monitor use mmol/L, and in USA use mg/dL. Lucky dirty jobs already were handled by Apple, you don’t need worry about how to convert them.

5. HealthKit can merge data from different device.

If you use two or more different devices tracking same kind health data, HealthKit can merge them, when you let HealthKit help you do some statistical work.

6. Strong privacy and permission policy

When app want use user’s health data, every type data need user’s permission separately, and user have separate read and write permissions.

You can ask multiple authorisations at same time.

Screenshot 2014-07-05 09.20.26

And some thoughts:

I was using  Nike+ Move to track my walk. And a few days ago, I found out my scale’ app “Withings”, add step tracking function. You know I use iPhone 5s, iPhone 5s have M7 chip, Nike+ Move and Withings both use the step tracking function of M7.

I can compare two apps with same data source do same jobs. I think Nike+ Move is far more better than Withings. But I can use both a week or more to figure out which is better which is worse.

HealthKit like a hub, getting all the health data from wear devices your bought,  and share data to all the analysis or tracking apps your want to try. So if you are not device provider, you still can have business here. I will continue to use my scale from Withings, but I can use other app to help me to the tracking and analysis jobs.