How to install Theano on Mac OS X EI Capitan with OpenCL support

I have two Mac, a Mac pro and Macbook pro. They both use AMD display card, so I can’t use CUDA speed up machine learning, so I want to use OpenCL.

First install some requirements:

Then make install environment ( use virtualenv can make everything easy ):

Install Theano:

Then you can use this demo code ( ) to test your Theano:

This test will show something like this:

It just do some math 1000 time, took 1.492254 seconds, and use cpu.

Then we must install libgpuarray to make Theano support OpenCL:

Then we can use THEANO_FLAGS to set use OpenCL device.

Use OpenCL & Cpu in my Mac pro:

Note: Code showed “Used the gnu”, but as you can see, this was using CPU.

Use OpenCL & GPU 1 in My Mac pro:

Finally, we can use OpenCL and GPU.


My Mac pro

屏幕截图 2016-04-01 15.09.25

My Macbook pro

屏幕截图 2016-04-01 15.09.32

Note: Now we can use Theano and OpenCL. But I was very sad, when I found out Theano is using CUNN, so when you use Theano to do Neural Network, we still need CUDA support. Just for now I don’t know how to solve this problem.

Chinese version of this article.