Why did Apple decide to make the Apple Watch square-faced rather than round faced?

  1. Circle looks more fun, but square is more useful. There is more space in square base model.
  2. Android product is more about fun and new to get user, so they are not very care about continuity. This generation Moto watch is circle, maybe next generation will be square or even triangle. But Apple must make the next generation continuity, so developer want make things on it. So square is better.
  3. Use square a lot of iOS developer will find they can easy learn how to code for this device and more important can easy learn how to design for this device.

Do iOS developers use the GUI tools in Xcode?

My answer of this question:
1. Interface builder and storyboard is very useful. I think build any
sophisticated app need a design-implement-test-imporve loop, and
need programmer and design have a very frequently communication.
Please don’t think Interface builder and storyboard is a program
tools, I think they are a very good prototype tools, will help you
and your team have a great communication.
2. Core data modeler is a modeler, it means it is a data structure
prototype tools.
3. And I really think even a one man team need some team work skill,
and need the design-implement-test-imporve loop.

Why is the OS X or iOS system not vulnerable to viruses?

Answer of this:

  1. Different from a lot for people’s thinking, make virus don’t need very hard core computer science knowledge, and virus is not mystery. Most virus just use the system leak and some stack overflow to reproduce themselves. At the early stage of Windows (before win2k), Windows use a single user file access control system, and any process have the same right and power to deal any memory, so made make virus more easy. But Mac OS X and iOS is base Unix, build in mutil-users file access control system make virus more hard to reproduce.
  2. iOS use sandbox and App Store to protect user from malware. Now Mac OS X start to use the similar approach.
  3. Windows have more user base than Mac OS X, so most virus target to Windows.

Should I study Cantonese or Mandarin?

I found this question in quora, this is my answer:

  1. I don’t think there is any language better than others. We use language as a communicate tool, and every language is a culture, learn a language is learn how to communicate with the people use this language and learn their culture.
  2. Mandarin and Cantonese share a lot of in common. They both use “汉字”.
  3. Mandarin and Cantonese have a lot of different. They have different pronunciations, and Cantonese have some special “汉字”.
  4. Use Mandarin you can easy communicate with the people of mainland of China, use Cantonese you can easy communicate withe people of HonKong and Guangdong province.
  5. A lot of HongKong TV series (港剧) and Cantonese song are very popular in mainland of China. You will find HongKong TV series is better than mainland TV series (大陆剧). Watch a lot TV, can help you learn and fall in love with a language.

Why didn’t Apple flatten Mac first before iOS?

Somebody ask this question at quora, this is my answer:

  1. I think Apple have an iOS first strategy, because iPhone is more profitable than Mac, and because iOS is more new and modern than Mac OS X.
  2. I think iOS need flatten, because new model of hardware and Apple watch need resolution flexibility, flatten can help it. Mac OS X doesn’t need flatten to do anything, flatten Max OS X just because Apple want to unify these two OS’s UI.

With particular reference to the Chinese legal system, why do investors find China attractive? To what extend does corruption and arbitrary government decisions exist?

This is my answer of a quora question:

  1. Investors bring money to China because they can get more profit. There are cheaper labours and production costs in China.
  2. China have the most large developing market, and a lot of rich guys.
  3. Some big cities in China like Beijing, Shanghai, Guangzhou have the most richer guys in China, you can easy build a business in these kinds cities to cover most rich guys in China.
  4. Corruption will hurt some business, and will help other business. For example, company like Google, because they need to protect free speech to make their business work, so they can not function in China. But corruption can help other business, for example if you are a real estate development company, you want clear some field to build some new building, buy each house from each individual householder may cause you a lot of money. In China you can bride some government officer, they can force householders sales their house to you more cheaper.
  5. Some very famous invest banks, investors, they know how to use corruption government to make easy money, so they really like China.

Why China puts many restrictions in Internet unlike other countries?

Someone ask this question at Quora, this is my answer:

  1. China communist used publicize and media control to help them get
    political power. They are very afraid anyone use the same method to
    defeat them.
  2. A lot of government officer have very serious
    corruption problem, they ask or bribe the internet and media control
    department to help them del information about them.
  3. There is a lot
    name, keyword, event, China government think will hurt their
    reliability, authority or image, like 6/4/1989, tibet, Liu Xiaobo
  4. Some China company frame foreign company to government to
    protect their interest.