Leecode problem 53 Maximum Subarray [Divide and conquer](Java)


Given an integer array nums, find the contiguous subarray (containing at least one number) which has the largest sum and return its sum.


Input: [-2,1,-3,4,-1,2,1,-5,4],
Output: 6
Explanation: [4,-1,2,1] has the largest sum = 6.

Follow up:

If you have figured out the O(n) solution, try coding another solution using the divide and conquer approach, which is more subtle.

Brute force solution

Divide and conquer solution

Actually, this problem is the same problem as the Maximum Subarray problem from Introduction to Algorithms. So we can use our old code directly.

Github address:

Want to know details of the Divide and conquer, check my post: Leetcode problems of Divide and conquer.

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