Mac OS Catalina Beta bug

I have two Mac often use. Mac OS Catalina is working fine at my Macbook pro. But these two days, my Mac pro got a lot of problems.

In this Mac pro, often suddenly you can’t open any new app, in Chrome can’t open new page either, but meanwhile, the apps opened before and the page opened before is perfectly normal.

And in the terminal, I can’t use any command either, every time I input command, the terminal will reply:

zsh: fork failed: resource temporarily unavailable。

So, it looks like a process number too large problem. I even can’t restart, because of the restart procedure need open some new process to kill some apps.

Now I think I solved this problem.

I have a cron job run at every minute. Maybe because of the bug of Mac OS Catalina, now after the job finished the process of the job will not be terminated. So I got thoughts of cron processes in my Mac pro. I remove the cron setting and kill all the processes of cron. Now, it looks the system is alright.

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I’m having the same issue since upgrading to Catalina but can’t find anyone else with a similar issue! It’s driving me insane!

having the same problem and getting crazy. After few minutes that starts with this problem the laptop gets stuck and i have to reboot immediately.

Anyone has a solution for that ? my macbook pro was working fine with Mojave!

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