How to check the Github enterprise version?

You can check the Github enterprise version both on the webpage and on the management console.

If you open your Github enterprise webpage, There are the version numbers at the top left and bottom of the webpage. Like this:

version number
Version number at the top admin black bar

This is for admin users only. But at the bottom of the page, there is another version number, this is for all users.

Version number at the bottom of the page

If you have the right to accessing the management console, when you sign in it, you will see the welcome information like this:

Welcome information of Github enterprise Management Console

I put a red line under the version number. And you can find lots of information of your Github enterprise server from the welcome information, like:

  • CPU number is 4
  • Memory size is 31GB
  • The Hypervisor is this case is OpenStack KVM. And it can be Hyper-V, VMware ESXi/vSphere or Xen.
  • License type, in this case, is evaluation, Seats is unlimited, will expire in 9 days
  • Load average, Disk spaces
  • TLS enabled, Certificate will expire in 3464 days
  • HA standalone means this server is not set up as high availability architecture.

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