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First time I go out since the Coronavirus 2019

2/3/2020, I went back from Japan trip. Since then, I have never left my house. I haven’t seen any of my friends, my colleagues for more than two months.

Business as usual. I write articles, post ads. I don’t need to meet anybody in the real-life to make money. So I don’t need to go out for a living. Every day I have some meetings with my colleagues using Zoom.

But yesterday one of my friends asked me to meet him in real-life talking about some business. I think a lot and accept it.

We decided to meet at iAPM, a massive shopping mall in Shanghai near my house. I arrived early to stroll the mall.

The street is already very heavy traffic. Most people wore a face mask. But a lot of them wore it incorrectly with their nose out of the cover.

heavy traffic at HuaiHai road

Lady M is an influencers’ shop. Every time I pass by this shop, there are crowed people inside before Coronavirus 2019. But it is empty this time.

Before you enter Apple retail store, staff must check your wrist temperature first. Other shops in iAPM don’t need this step. There are nearly 1/3 people in the Apple retail store compare to normal time. As you can see most of them wear a mask. They are playing the new floating iPad Pros, iPhones, Apple watches.

Apple retail store in iAPM

I checked and played the new floating iPad too. It’s beautiful and lovely. But I am saving money for my big plan, so I will not buy it.

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