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ClearCase migrate to Git my real-life experience

Yesterday my customer and I made a test of ClearCase migrate to Git. The administrator of ClearCase helped me with the migrating process. We used a simple demo repo to do the test.

I think option 2 in my last article of ClearCase migrating to Git is the best. But my customer can’t accept this solution. So finally, we use git-cc as our migrate tool. Sure git-cc do the job, at the end we migrated the demo repo with full commits history.

But the process is excruciating.

git-cc uses a very simple style config file. Like this:

type = UCM

branches = XXXXTEST_DEV

And git-cc ‘s command is straightforward, is gitcc rebase. But we found git-cc will not provide any debug information. Only Success or failure. When it failed, it will tell nothing, just an empty directory.

So we try and try a lot of times, try all kinds of content of the config file. This time is just a test, already cost our serval hours. When we begin the real migrate process in the future, I think we must analyze the source code of git-cc, and add some help debug information. So we can make the process quick and realistic.

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