How to migrate ClearCase to GIT with history

I have a customer who is using ClearCase now. They want to migrate to Git. I searched a lot of articles. I think “ClearCase, the journey to Git Migrating your skills and VOBs to Git” is the best martial. At page 24 of this slide, the author suggested two options:

  1. Bridge through Subversion
    • ClearCase to SVN (SVN Importer)
    • SVN to Git
      • $ git svn clone http://svn/repo/here/trunk
    • Keep SVN for full history backup
  2. Git from ClearCase baseline
    • Check out baseline from ClearCase
    • Use Git
    • Leave ClearClase confined to maintenance/archive

You can download the ClearCase SVN importer from here.

There are some tools can sync with ClearCase and Git:

See also:

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