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ClearCase migrate to Git my real-life experience

Yesterday my customer and I made a test of ClearCase migrate to Git. The administrator of ClearCase helped me with the migrating process. We used a simple demo repo to do the test.

I think option 2 in my last article of ClearCase migrating to Git is the best. But my customer can’t accept this solution. So finally, we use git-cc as our migrate tool. Sure git-cc do the job, at the end we migrated the demo repo with full commits history.

But the process is excruciating.

git-cc uses a very simple style config file. Like this:

type = UCM

branches = XXXXTEST_DEV

And git-cc ‘s command is straightforward, is gitcc rebase. But we found git-cc will not provide any debug information. Only Success or failure. When it failed, it will tell nothing, just an empty directory.

So we try and try a lot of times, try all kinds of content of the config file. This time is just a test, already cost our serval hours. When we begin the real migrate process in the future, I think we must analyze the source code of git-cc, and add some help debug information. So we can make the process quick and realistic.


How to migrate ClearCase to GIT with history

I have a customer who is using ClearCase now. They want to migrate to Git. I searched a lot of articles. I think “ClearCase, the journey to Git Migrating your skills and VOBs to Git” is the best martial. At page 24 of this slide, the author suggested two options:

  1. Bridge through Subversion
    • ClearCase to SVN (SVN Importer)
    • SVN to Git
      • $ git svn clone http://svn/repo/here/trunk
    • Keep SVN for full history backup
  2. Git from ClearCase baseline
    • Check out baseline from ClearCase
    • Use Git
    • Leave ClearClase confined to maintenance/archive

You can download the ClearCase SVN importer from here.

There are some tools can sync with ClearCase and Git:

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How to check the Github enterprise version?

You can check the Github enterprise version both on the webpage and on the management console.


How to restart Github enterprise?

There is no restart button/link on the Github enterprise webpage and no restart command in Github enterprise Command-line utilities. This is because you don’t need to restart Github enterprise manually.

Github enterprise doesn’t need to restart to release memory or other operating-system resources regularly.

When you have some real turbo must restart the server, you can use your cloud service’s web UI to restart the server.


Github vs. GitLab: Which one is best for enterprise or private code repository?

For a technical enterprise or a developer team, the most valuable assets are codes. Enginers in the teams write, modify, delete, share codes every day. Want to make them work efficiently, we need tools and services to manage codes.

Git is the most popular code management tools ( version control system ).

Github is the most popular code management service for open source projects and close source projects. There are 40 million users are using Github, 100 million repositories are hosted by Github, in August 2019.

GitLab is a GitHub-like service. Now it becomes a single application for the entire software development lifecycle. From project planning and source code management to CI/CD, monitoring, and security.