Leecode problem 53 Maximum Subarray [Divide and conquer](Java)


Given an integer array nums, find the contiguous subarray (containing at least one number) which has the largest sum and return its sum.


Input: [-2,1,-3,4,-1,2,1,-5,4],
Output: 6
Explanation: [4,-1,2,1] has the largest sum = 6.

Follow up:

If you have figured out the O(n) solution, try coding another solution using the divide and conquer approach, which is more subtle.

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Divide and conquer algorithm (Java code and Leetcode problems)

I am trying to solve every problem of Leetcode and write blogs to record it. Now I plan to read Introduction to Algorithms and solve problems match the book contents.

What is Divide and conquer?

Divide and conquer is a method to solve a complex problem. When we think of a problem too complex or too big, we can try to divide the problem to some easy problems or small problems. Then we try to solve these small/easy problems and combine the results to solve the complex/big problem.

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