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Four reasons why Apple finally build ARM Mac (M1)

Lately, Apple announced the M1 chip, releasing the M1, or Arm, versions of the three machines, the Macbook Air, Macbook PRO 13, and Mac mini. Apple called the M1 chip Apple Silicon.

In fact, as developers, we knew about this much earlier. Then we also got our hands on the DTK to test the compatibility of the ARM CPU for Macs and Mac OS and our own Mac software.

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What is LIDAR on Apple’s iPhone 12 flagship?

This year Apple’s iPhone 12 flagship model comes with LIDAR. Many people have actually heard of LIDAR, and Apple’s press conference also mentioned it, but I actually found that many people don’t understand what it’s all about.

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How I learn English at 30 learn Japanese at 41?

As I’ve written many articles before, when I graduated from college, I didn’t even pass the Chinese English Exam 4 level, and my highest score was 58. I didn’t think there was any real difference between a 58 and a 60, so I didn’t bother retaking it. I’m a programmer, and I can read technical articles in English. Although in life, I don’t understand English spoken by foreigners. At most, I can say Hello, How are you, and so on.


Investing with a Long-Term View and Living with a Long-Term View

I always thought that investing was irrelevant to me. I always thought that I would make something one day and get rich, and then I would think about investing and managing my money.


Will Gitee replace Github in China?

A recent report indicates that China’s Ministry of Industry and Information Technology (MIIT) has conducted government procurement to replace Github’s open-source hosting platform.